Crafted with care in Ontario.

H2 Craft Spirits was established in 2018 with the idea of creating unique and innovative products that fill a need in the market. ​
Our company was started by 2 longtime industry friends to offer consumers a local alternative to all the same corporate-owned brands we've been seeing in liquor stores and bars all over the world.  This made no sense to us.​

Dave Holland and Julian Holland are the 2 "Hs" in H2 Craft Spirits, and we oversee every part of the business.  This starts from concept, right through to design, production, packaging and sales.

​All our brands are developed and produced in Ontario, with ingredients sourced locally whenever possible.  ​We use a patented technology to blend our spirits so that flavour is always perfectly balanced for your enjoyment.  

You can find our products at select LCBO stores and bars throughout Ontario.  

We hope you love them.  Cheers!
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